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Connect with your favorite brands and receive special offers from stores nearby.


Grivy helps you to get relevant offers from the brands
you love at the right time and the right location.

brand deals
Brand Deals

Get special
personalized offers.

shopping list
Shopping List

Never forget the products you
intend to buy.

Get free products from the brands you love.

Follow the brands you buy from and get invited to free product sampling programs.

  • Be the first to try out new products.
  • Get special perks for brand loyalty.
  • Share feedback and get rewarded.

Advanced features that help you save time and money.

Get special cashback on your every day shopping items.

One app that allows you to connect your loyalty cards into one place and helps you to collect points across multiple stores and brands.

user friendly
User Friendly

Simple to use features.


Shop in a fun and rewarding way.

location based
Location Based

Easy way to find the nearest store.


Ask our friendly robot in store.

How it works

See what we do and what people say about it.

“I love Grivy! Use the mobile app for iphone which has proven to be very handy.

Gabriëlle Deborah

“It is a very unique way to get a special offers by looking through the app. Very interesting !!

Laura Christiani

“Konsepnya unik banget dan seru! Cara ikutan pun gampang cukup dengan download aplikasi Grivy

Astrid Nadia

“Pas iseng" liat promo yang gw suka, eh harganya ternyata fantastis!!!

Citra Cici
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